MoorGas LPG Is a Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) distributor, servicing the, Durban Upper Highway Area.

Besides Selling & Servicing LPG, We Also Deliver Ut. 

Women Owned & Operated Company Assuring All Our Clients Of Our Vast Knowledge And Expertise In LPG Gas Products And Technologies, As Well As The Best Possible Solution To Save Our Clients Time And Money.


Our Story

The company is a well-recognised name in the Upper Highway Area Durban, specializing in LPG gas connections, Braais, Fireplaces, gas geysers as well as supplying of LPG and Gas Cylinders.

MoorGas LPG uses all products which are SABS approved


  • The distribution of LP gas to meet the energy needs of an increasing number of individuals and businesses, with quality and at a fair price
  • Assuring that end users of LPG are supplied with convenience, practicality, safety, and speed while protecting the environment; remaining fair to our partners; striving for profitability and growth; and supporting our distribution network.


    • As such, we provide our business partners with design, supply, and implementation solutions related to the supply of gas, gas products, services, maintenance, and installations.
    • We at Moorgas LPG take pride in turning our customers into partners, ensuring we have a stake in their success and so building a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with them.


      • The satisfaction and safety of the consumer
      • Integrity and respect in dealing with competitors and partners
      • Responsibility towards the environment and respect for neighboring communities
What an absolute honor it is to serve the Upper Highway Area and be a part of this amazsing community.
Yagan & Cormel Naicker
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